lixian (lixian) wrote in jboys4sale,

Kisarazu Cat's Eye - Flyers for sale!


I have 2 Kisarazu Cat's Eye double-sided flyers in English.
And they're on quite nice quality paper, not a card, but not the usual filmsy paper.

Selling at USD$4 each.
Please comment if you want to buy or if you have any questions. :)

hm, if there's more than 2 interested parties, we'll have a 5-day auction and the 2 highest bids will win.

Terms & Conditions
# Item will be mailed within 3 working days, after payment is received.
# Shipping not inclusive.
# No returns or refunds.
# I will not be liable for any loss/damage to goods after they have been mailed.

# Paypal in Singapore dollars, US Dollars or Japanese yen. Pls note you'll have to add 5% to total amount (incl. shipping) for Paypal fees.
# Please make payment within 72 hours of closing the deal.

p.s. btw, anyone interested in Rain/Bi stuff? drop me a note :)


Edit - 09 Dec: only 1 flyer left

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