Pixie's LJ (creative title, huh?) (baby_pixie225) wrote in jboys4sale,
Pixie's LJ (creative title, huh?)

Posters for sale!

Everything you see in this picture is up for sale except for the Arashi - Wish poster. Dive in for details.

This will be an auction

There are no set prices but please be reasonable with your best offer. Items will be shipped from Canada and all shipping and handling costs (including the poster tube) will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. I accept Paypal (subject to 5% fee), money order, or cheque (at buyer's own risk!).  This auction will end September 15, 2006 at 12:00am EST.
End of Auction Countdown

There are five separate posters for sale:
  1. V6 - Hold Up Down movie ad
  2. Tokio - 2006 poster calendar
  3. V6 - 10th anniversary concert DVD "musicmind"
  4. Shuuji to Akira - Notuba wo Produce DVD ad
  5. Tackey & Tsubasa - Venus single
Please leave a message with which poster you're bidding on and you're bid amount. Remember, these posters are being auctioned off separately.

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