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01 February 2017 @ 11:12 pm
[Pre-Order] Various  
Current pre-orders.

( Johnny's Shop Photos )
* deadline soon
* new photos include A.B.C-Z, Snow Man, Busaiku, and Johnny's WEST

( CDs and DVDs )
* will be counted towards Oricon

( Movie Goods )

Combined shipping is available, so if you wish for it, make sure to tell me!

If there are goods, there will be a pre-order for the SixTONES vs KanJu shows. I will also do a pre-order for Endless SHOCK, but that's not until end of February or beginning of March due to the show I plan to attend.

Also, if you want to order the P to JK towel (as seen here; separate from movie goods available when movie comes out), please contact me directly.

There's also an only event coming up, so if you're interested in getting anything from circles you know, please contact me too!

Follow @kaji_jshop for updates and more!