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02 September 2015 @ 07:23 pm
Is anyone interested in buying older kis-my-ft2 items? I am really needing money right now, so sadly my beloved collection must find new homes. I will sell all items at any fair price, so please make an offer. I will consider anything! Please contact me.
I have some cds pictured here...
I also have official kis-my-ft2 shop photos here...
I also have many old cds for sale including le versions that are still sealed. These include ~
Everybody Go
We Never Give Up
She! Her! Her!
Wanna Beee!!
Ai no Beat
My Resistance
Kiss my Mind
Kimi to no Kiseki
I also have Tamamori related items for sale. Ask if interested.
Thank you & I hope you hear from some of you soon! (^-^)/*
01 September 2015 @ 11:44 pm
Since my friend in Japan is free this month and next month, she decided to open pre-orders again! Yeay! If you are interested in buying anything, please click onto the picture, TQ!

28 August 2015 @ 10:26 pm
Hi~ I am taking pre-order for

1. Arashi - Japonism Deadline: Sept 6, 2015

- JAPAN LE2 2CD USD29 / HKD226

- A set of LE1 and LE2 = USD60 / HKD468
- A set of LE1 and RE = USD63 / HKD491
- A set of LE1, LE2 and RE = USD90 / HKD702

2. Arashi - Ai wo Sakeb (One LE left)
3. Arashi Blast in Miyagi
25 August 2015 @ 01:49 am
The pre-orders I have going on right now. Follow @kaji_jshop if you want more timely updates!

( Kis-My-Ft2 Concert Tour 2015 Kis-My-World )

( Tackey & Tsubasa - Yamanotesen Uchimawari ~Ai no Meiro~ )

( A.B.C-Z - Moonlight walker )

( Shop photos )
* new photos since last round include A.B.C-Z tour goods offshots and Takizawa Kabuki goods offshots (Takizawa, Kitayama, Yabu only)

Upcoming pre-orders for September (just waiting for goods information) include Dream Boys (KisuMai version for sure, but the Nakayama/SZ version will depend on how they sell the goods), Shounentachi, and Great Nature (Koyama's play).

Combined shipping is possible. Just give me a heads up!

I also do special requests such as getting tickets for concerts and stage shows, buying from online shops that ship within Japan only, etc. You can ask about your request here or send an email to kaji.jshop[at]gmail.com
21 August 2015 @ 06:05 pm
I'm selling some Arashi items, the prices are 25% off. Go to my LJ if you want more information about them!

Here is the list of itemsCollapse )

See you! :)
KAT-TUN - Official and Unofficial Shop Photo Sale

I am selling the rest of my KAT-TUN shop photos. I've got them from the Official Johnny's Shop and from Mandarake shops.
[sales post]

2015_115.jpg 2015_102.jpg
Hello, I'm selling huge amount of the extra copies of Arashi goods in my collection.
They include CDs, DVDs, concert and movie goods such as clear files and badges ect.

I have updated a few brand new CDs and DVDs, they include:
- One Love LE
- One love RE first press (special with secret talk of Jun kun that not in LE and normal RE)
- One Love RE
- 明日の記憶/Crazy Moon LE.B
- Beautiful Days LE
- Dear Snow RE
- Everything RE
- Step and go RE
- Iza Now LE (with DVD and a thick booklet, very rare)
- ARASHIC RE first press (with a thick booklet that even not even in the LE)
- Dream A Live LE - $25
- 僕の見ている風景 album LE - $25
- 僕の見ている風景 DVD LE (2 versions)

住友生命 promotion clear files (featured with aiba chan) - $5
concert goods in 5X10, SCENE, LOVE, ARAFES, BLAST IN HAWAII
movie goods and more!

I've updated them in my selling website.
Please see here!!!!!!!!!!!

Discounts and freebies (flyers and other items) for multiple buying.
Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of them. Thank you!

updated 25/07
* I've recieved an order request form from New Zealand with an email address: andrea.ramirez723@yahoo.co.nz
 But I failed to reply it back cuz it appeared to be an invalid address. Hope you can see this and contact me via other email address or just comment or PM me here. I'm sorry if this announcement will bring you any inconvinience.
01 August 2015 @ 08:38 pm

I will be doing a limited pre-order for Arashi's Arashi Blast in Miyagi. Please check out my post for more details! Thank you~

Arashi Blast in Miyagi Pre-order!

Feedback post here~
28 July 2015 @ 05:00 pm
I have a lot of KAT-TUN goods/CDs to sell. All prices are negotiable. Please take a look.

Concert goods, calendars, pamphlets etc.



Feedback is here