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Hi, I'm clearing away all my Arashi collection, Kat-tun and HSJ singles.

I'll give a discount if you buy a number of my items.

For International and Singaporean buyers.
I'm opening up to International Buyers as well because I got a couple of international comments.

Pictures and more details at my lj.

Concert goods
Arashi Winter Concert Pamphlet 2003-2004 *Extremely Rare!*
Arashi Popcorn Tour Pamphlet
Arashi - Popcorn concert IC card sticker
Arashi - Official Popcorn Concert Ear Jack (Blue) *Rare*
Arashi - Popcorn Tour Bandana (Yellow)
Arashi - 2008 Dream 'A' Live Concert poster (Nino)
Arashi Aiba Junior 1999 Poster; S$10
(Paparazzi) Arashi Dream A Live Poster - Never used; S$8.
Arashi anniverary tour 5x10 poster. Never used - S$15
Arashi Aiba Popcorn Poster - Brand New! S$18.
Arashi Around Asia Concert in Tokyo Stickers *RARE*
*Mint condition* $7 + Free A4-size Laminated Arashi poster!
Arashi POPCORN Tour Concert Clear files
Aiba and Jun $8 each!

Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 Mini Uchiwas
Aiba, Jun, Nino $4 each.
Arashi 5x10 Tour Mini Uchiwa
All available.
Arashi Popcorn Concert Tour Mini Uchiwa
All available.
Arashi Jumbo Uchiwas $10 each!!!
Popcorn Concert
Available: A, M, N, S
Time concert 2007 (Aiba)
Arashi Around Asia in Tokyo 2008 (Aiba )

Official Photosets
Arashi Official Popcorn Concert Photoset. GROUP
Arashi Official Popcorn Concert Photoset. AIBA
Arashi Official Popcorn Concert Photoset.JUN
Arashi Official Popcorn Concert Photoset.NINO
Arashi Official Popcorn Concert Photoset.OHNO
Arashi Official Popcorn Concert Photoset.SHO
Arashi 'Complete photo file' Photobook
Available: Aiba, Jun, Nino
Arashi Is Alive Photobook

(Have a lot of official photobooks available too. Please feel free to ask.)

Singles/ Album/ DVDs
All Arashi Singles are Japanese version in good or excellent condition.

Ultra Music Power Single (Regular Edition)
Kat-tun - White Christmas Single (Limited Edition)
Arashi - Endless Game Single (Limited Edition) *Brand New*
Arashi - How's it going (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Iza Now (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Time (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Arashic (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Beautiful World album w/o obi (Regular Edition)
Arashi - Popcorn Live Tour DVD (Limited Edition)

Arashi Singles Clearance!!!
All Arashi Singles are Japanese version in good or excellent condition.
Regular Editions $7
Limited Editions $20
(Buy 4 or more LEs and get one RE FREE!! )

I still have a lot of DVDs and albums that I have not decided whether to sell.
I will update them asap.
If you're interested in any, please ask me and quote a price and I may consider letting it go too. :)

25 November 2015 @ 04:32 pm
I'm still looking for new homes for most of my Arashi items. I have photobooks, magazines, LE albums, LE singles, LE DVDs, and concert goods. Check them out here: http://genkitelch.livejournal.com/119519.html
Prices are negotiable/price offers are welcome!
I also have items from other Johnny's artists (V6 and Kanjani8) over here: http://genkitelch.livejournal.com/121389.html
We're also accepting orders for Japonism concert goods from Tokyo Dome.
Open to Philippines-based and international buyers! It's over here: http://genkitelch.livejournal.com/122223.html
Thank you! (^_~)b

I'm also looking to sell this Hey Say Jump x My Melody Key Holder.
It's a limited-time only item from Japan 7-11 stores.
It's US$ 12 + shipping and PayPal fees (when applicable)

Thanks!! ^^
[SINGAPORE/WORLDWIDE PREORDER] ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 Japonism Goods + Sakurai Sho Keio University Goods + Arashi official Johnny's Shop photographs

It's me, TakeitShoSho.

I will be in Japan from 7 to 20 December 2015. I will be taking preorder for ARASHI LIVE TOUR 2015 JAPONISM (Fukuoka), Sakurai Sho Keio University Goods and Arashi official Johnny's Shop photos worldwide! Preorder closes on 17 December 2015, 23:59.


Sakurai Sho Keio University Goods:

Arashi official Johnny's Shop photos:

Thank you!

Looking for 1 ticket each for Japonism 12/18 and 12/19.
20 November 2015 @ 10:57 am

sale some things here -> http://seto-maru.livejournal.com/51519.html

Thank you :)
19 November 2015 @ 09:35 pm
Arashi's concert at Osaka is coming sooooooon~
Check out my preorder here!
Also a reminder to those who have ordered but yet to pay to do so by 24 November.

Venue: Osaka

Pre-order Deadline       : November 24, 2015 - 10:00 AM (GMT+7)
Payment Deadline       : November 24, 2015 - 16:00 PM (GMT+7)
Estimated Arrival Date : November 29, 2015

Hello everyone,

Like last year, I will also do my own trip for the purpose of watching my beloved boys' concert in Osaka this November (on Ohno's Birthday). Too bad, I will be there for only a very short moment from 26 to 29 Nov, but the good news is I decided to take the preordeeeer.. :) :)

If you're living in Indonesia and interested with the preorder, feel free to check the details in my LJ post bollybear

Thank youuu..

Notes: Special price for Arashindo Members
Current Location: Jakarta
19 November 2015 @ 12:53 am
Originally posted by sakujoyce at Arashi [Pre-Order] Blast in Miyagi
*FEDEX. (5-7 DAYS)


PM me for the details.
Current Location: Philippines,
19 November 2015 @ 12:38 am
Current main pre-orders.

( Raintree no Kuni Movie Goods [Tamamori Yuuta] )
* pre-order ending soon!

( Sexy Zone - Colourful Eyes )
18 November 2015 @ 09:20 pm
Originally posted by sakujoyce at Arashi [Pre-Order] NOG Keychains
Pre-Order Sched: Nov. 7-Dec. 15, 2015

Price: Php 334 / Usd 8

You can also visit www.facebook.com/arashidelight for pre-order method and faster inquiry.
Thank you!
Current Location: Philippines,
18 November 2015 @ 09:01 pm
Originally posted by sakujoyce at Arashi [Pre-Order] Blast in Miyagi DVD

*Blu-Ray Ltd Edition: Php 2,999 / Usd 71
*DVD Reg Edition: Php 2,899 / Usd 68

*FREE Shipping for PH Buyers.
*Pre-Order closes on Dec. 28, 2015.

*Good will be shipped from HMV Japan.
*Goods arrival (in PH) is 7-15 days after the first day of release.
*All sales are counted for the music chart!

For orders, please PM me with the following info:

Contact No:

Pre-Order will close on December 28, 2015. Same as the day for the deadline of payment.

Payment Method:
*PH Buyers
-Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit (BDO/BPI)

*International Buyers
-Western Union

For faster inquiry, please visit my facebook page.
Current Location: Philippines,